We are Finance and Currency, the currency exchange and international payments specialists.

For Personal – So, you’re thinking of emigrating? Buying or selling a property overseas? Sending money to friends or family?

Well, whatever it is you’re planning, we’ll save you money by ensuring that you get the best exchange rate possible.

For Business – When it comes to international payments, we’re experts. So whether you want to make one-off or regular transfers, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated currency specialists will help you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective plan and ensure that, whichever you pick, you’ll get the best exchange rate possible.

We’re FCA authorised and pride ourselves on our ability to get you the best exchange rate and keep your funds 100 percent safe and secure.

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Request a quote, and supply us with the bank account details of the beneficiary account you would like us to pay your currency into and any reference required.

We will notify you how much you need to pay and then provide you with our account details. You can pay us by electronic transfer including BACS/CHAPS/TT wire.

We will confirm safe receipt of your funds by email.

We will send your payment to your designated recipient via a telegraphic transfer & we will forward you a SWIFT confirmation of the payment.


“Fast and efficiant service. From a very satisfied customer.” Mindy Rubin, Blue Ice Cream

“DOTW Ltd has been working with Finance and Currency for the last 12 months. We have always had prompt replies to any queries, the rates quoted were very competitive, transfers were done immediately. DOTW is very pleased with the services provided by Finance and Currency and intends to have a long term business relationship with them” Lina Christova, DOTW

“Thank you once again for the speedy and reliable service you provide. I can always rely on Finance and Currency for the amazing money exchange service and rates” Aron Wajnsztok, The Family Bread

“Finance and Currency has dealt quickly and professionally with any requirements we have had.” Phil Pels, PP Asset Management

Whatever your reason for making an international payment, or sending money overseas our exchange rates will save you money.