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International Money Transfers

Any organisation operating or planning on operating overseas will have to contend with exchange rates at some point. Unlike the banks, our only aim is to get you the best exchange rate for all of your dealings, so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your ventures overseas.

Authorised by the FCA, we pride ourselves on our expertise, security, value and efficiency. We’ll always:

  • Ensure that you get the best possible exchange rate
  • Keep your funds 100 percent safe and secure

Our objective is getting you the most from your currency exchanges and international payments.

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Our Products

Spot Contracts

A spot contract allows you to fix an exchange rate for up to seven working days. A deposit is not required, but settlement of funds must take place before the transfer is due to be made. Spot contracts are ideal for businesses that need to make quick payments and are looking for the most competitive rate available.

Forward Contracts

Whether you’re buying or selling foreign currency, our forward contracts allow you to lock in at today’s exchange rate while delaying the settlement of the contract to a fixed date of your choosing. A 10 percent deposit is required which is deposited in our client account upfront; you only need to pay the rest when the contract matures. There is no charge for a forward contract.

To find out more about are products or discuss our other foreign exchange services for your business, please call 020 8209 0522 or email

Send UK£ to Overseas Accounts

We can also make GBP payments to any international account.

A direct alternative to the banks, we provide currency risk assessment strategies and best exchange rates to improve companies’ profit margins.

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