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Limitation of liability

Whilst we have taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy, currency, availability, correctness, completion, suitability, reliability, performance, freedom from viruses or timeliness of the content or services contained within this Website, information is provided on an ‘as is’, ‘as available’ basis and we do not give or make any warranty or representation of any kind, whether express or implied. Furthermore, but without limiting the exclusion, the information contained in this Website is intended for private individuals and companies who need to make physical delivery overseas payments in foreign currency against genuine payment liabilities only and not for speculative purposes.

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No offer

The information on this Website or opinion contained therein, accompanying documents or transmissions are for information purposes only and do not, nor should be construed as, containing financial advice nor intended as a solicitation for funds or a recommendation to trade. Any pricing displayed is indicative and does not, and is not intended to, constitute either an offer to buy or sell nor a representation that a purchase or sale can be effected at that price.

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We, at our sole discretion, reserve the right to deny you access and use of any part of the Website without notice.

Users and governing law

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Finance & Currency Travel Money Terms and Conditions

  1. Orders can be placed over the phone by calling our dedicated Customer Services team 0208 209 0522 (opening hours from 10am to 2.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 10am to 12pm on a Friday). Orders can also be placed via email
  2. Your order constitutes an offer to us to buy the Service. All orders are subject to our acceptance
  3. Orders placed will be rounded up to the nearest currency note. We are unable to supply foreign coins. Currency availability may be subject to monetary limits, currency exchange restrictions and to you complying with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. This means that we may require you to produce photographic evidence of your identity as well as proof of your address before we make the Service available to you.
  4. When placing an order, you warrant to us that the information that you provide to us is true and accurate in all respects, that you will not withhold any material information from us and you will provide us with any information that we may reasonably require. Providing incorrect and/or inaccurate information may lead to the services not being provided to you.
  5. The minimum order value is £500 Maximum order value is £2’500. We reserve the right to amend the minimum order values at any time at our discretion without notice, and without liability to you.
  6. There is a £4.99 service charge on all orders.
  7. Delivery can only be made to the address that is registered on the utility bill
  8. provided, if an alternative delivery address is required, this has to be agreed by us and confirmed in writing by yourself.
  9. Delivery will be carried out by Royal mail Special Delivery
  10. Due to the currency being subject to fluctuations in the financial market which are beyond our control you do not have the right to cancel the contract after it has been placed and confirmed by us.
  11. We may terminate an order if we are required to do so through instruction of any law enforcement agency or regulatory body. In this case we may retain all or any of your money if we are required to do so by law and then deal with it as ordered by a court or other body of competent jurisdiction.
  12. When making payment you warrant that you are acting on your own behalf, for a genuine reason and that the funds are legally and beneficially yours, have not been obtained by illegal means nor in any way contrary to the rights of the legal owner and is not tainted in anyway by criminal activity.
  13. You will be given our bank account details on your order acknowledgement, which you will receive once the order has been submitted. You must, without delay, send payment of your order in full to the account shown and you must ensure that you use your surname, followed by your order number, as the transfer reference. Failure to do so may result in the service being delayed or being cancelled.
  14. You undertake that all details provided are correct, the bank account is your own and that the billing address of your bank account matches the delivery address of your order.
  15. Please note that once payment has been sent from your bank account, your order cannot be cancelled.

היתר עיסקא כללי

  1. Mr Uri Neufeld hereby notifies and declares that all transactions performed by F & C Ltd. that involve a ריבית חששare carried out under the terms of a היתר עיסקא as detailed below.
  2. All parties customers and clients performing these transactions are bound by this היתר עיסקא agreement.
  3. This agreement stipulates that all transactions, whether in the form of a loan or sale or any other manner, containing clauses agreements or obligations that constitute ריבית; are to be construed as being a business venture and the intention of the parties are to be interpreted accordingly.
  4. The היתר עיסקא agreement creates a joint business venture (subject to clause 14). Any profits or losses sustained will be shared on a 50/50 basis. This follows the פלגא מלוה ופלגא פקדון arrangement of the קיצור שו”ע.
  5. The party providing the loan/credit is now the investing partner; the party liable for the ריבית payment is now the managing partner.
  6. It is therefore agreed that the managing partner undertakes to invest immediately or when the opportunity arises the money or goods received in a viable business venture that will generate profit.
  7. If the money or goods are used for personal use then he will assign to the investing partner a share in an existing or future business venture equal to that amount.
  8. The extra amount that would otherwise constitute ריבית, now under this arrangement represents the anticipated profits from the investment. The non- ריבית amount constitutes the capital.
  9. Where it is necessary according to הלכה to pay a management fee to the managing partner he will be entitled to an extra one percent for this.
  10. Any claims of losses on the capital must be supported by suitable evidence as required by תקנת מהר”ם and as stipulated in ספר נחלת שבעה.
  11. Any claims relating to the amount of profit generated must be verified by a שבועה as required by תקנת מהר”ם and as stipulated in ספר נחלת שבעה.
  12. In the event that these two requirements are not fulfilled, the managing partner must repay the original capital plus the extra amount that was agreed from the outset.
  13. This payment will absolve him from the obligation to make a שבועה and from paying any additional amount of profits. It also includes the management fee, where applicable.
  14. In those transactions that פלגא מלוה ופלגא פקדון arrangement as described is not effective in negating the חשש ריבית then the עיסקא arrangement is a כולו פקדון. Clauses 6 to 13 still apply.
  15. In transactions that the amount to be paid is fixed in a manner that it is not possible to discern if it is in fact all capital and does not require a היתר עיסקא or if it is actually partly capital and partly profits and is bound by the היתר עיסקא but it is not stipulated how much of it is capital and how much is the profits; or in transactions that the lender has from the outset already received the full amount, it is hereby agreed and undertaken that the lender/investor will provide the other party with the right to be believed in determining the nature of the transaction, and accept any claim by that party in determining the value of the capital and profits.
  16. Where necessary the full guidelines of this היתר עיסקא will be determined and enforced by a בית דין.